We just can't say enough good things abou the wonderful job Sue does taking care of our 2 4-year-old labs, Harry and Teddy.  From the great walks to the detailed 'report card', she leaves after each visit, she is an important and welcome part of our dogs' lives.

Two years ago, Harry was diagnosed with Addison's disease.  Sue was quick to notice that Harry would occasionally stagger and lose balance in his rear legs and went to far as to actually capture these episodes on video.  She called us daily after her visit and gave us a report on what she had seen.  His diagnosis was a tricky one and the video Sue shot was a major clue.   Harry is doing great now, due in no small part to Sue's help.

Our dogs are a huge part of our lives, and we feel very fortunate that Sue is part of theirs.  Thanks for all you do, Sue.

Skip & Kathleen/'Harry' and 'Teddy'

I couldn't be happier and more satisfied with Sue at Rovers Resort! She walks our dog Tank 3 times a week and I always appreciate her flexibility if I need to switch the days she visits. We had some issues with Tank's paws a few months back and she was so good to call me after every visit to update me on how he was doing and gave us wonderful advice on how to treat him. I know he is happy and well cared for when Sue walks him. P.S. I love her daily notes about their walks!

We have been with Sue for two years and we couldn’t be happier with our experience with her. For our three year-old Bernese we have used Sue for dog walking, boarding and training services and Sue has done each with an immense level of care and expertise. She certainly is dependable and will go out of her way to help us. When our daughter ended up in the hospital Sue was able to pick our dog up for us that day and watch her until we were able to come back home. Sue has formed a fantastic relationship with our dog. She knows exactly what she enjoys and on her daily walks or when boarding Sue provides her with a delightful experience. Before working with Sue when traveling we would send our dog to a large boarding house and each time she came home she would seem miserable. Now when she stays with Sue she comes home excited and refreshed. Sue is a great trainer as well. Before Sue started working with our dog she was absolutely crazy. Sue then began coaching both us and our dog on correct behavior and now we have a much calmer girl at home. We truly appreciate all Sue has done for us and believe she would be a great help to anyone who uses her services.

Chris & Erica/’Rossi’

Our dog had a traumatic experience at a doggie daycare (NOT Rovers Resort) which changed his demeanor for a while. Although still friendly, he became less trusting. After conducting a local search for dog walkers, we found Rovers Resort. Sue was the first and only person we met with. The first time Sue came over to walk Stitch, he still wasn't back to his normal self or on his best behavior, but thankfully she saw the inner goofball in him and she came back again. The rest, as they say, is history. Sue has been a part of our family for over 2 years now...so much so that when considering a move, we wanted to be sure it was to an area that Rovers Resort serviced. Our schedules change frequently, and Sue is always so accommodating. Sometimes, we keep our appointments with her even if we are going to be home because we know how much Stitch loves his walks. When we get home there is always a little report card that lets us know about the visit. Some days the note lets us know he that was in a "zoomie" mood, some days he's out trying to chasing squirrels and other days he is lazy......but all of his visits end with a large dose of belly rubs and a treat or two! It is a huge sense of relief to know that he is happy and cared for when we can't be there. If you are looking for someone who is professional, trustworthy and that will genuinely care for your best friend when you're not able to, then look no further.

Marika & Dan/'Stitch'

We love Sue!  We have been with Rover’s Resort for almost three years and could not imagine a better person to take care of our two pups.  Sue does daily dog walking for us, we board our dogs at her house when we are out of town, and she helped us train our crazy boy, Bubba, when we first brought him home at six months old.   Sue treats my dogs as if they were her own.  She goes out of her way to make sure her daily visit leaves the pups exhausted and happy, giving them belly rubs and hiding their kongs so they get to play one last game of hide and seek.  She always leaves a note and is quick to notice if the pups aren’t feeling well. We know our pups love Sue as much as she loves them because anytime we have taken them over for boarding, they can hardly contain their excitement when we pull up in her driveway. Even after a long two week boarding adventure, they were still happy to be there and they are always happy to go back.  They come home exhausted every time and it is so nice to know that when we are on vacation, our pups are on vacation too.

 Sue also helped us train Bubba, our sometimes difficult rescue, who came to us at six months old without a lick of training.  She helped us work with his quirks and use a positive training method that worked with even a tough cookie like him.  I would highly recommend Sue for any dog walking, pet sitting, boarding or training needs you have, and so would Bubba and Lily Pad.

Bekki/'Bubba' and 'Lily Pad'


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