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DOG WALKING (in Taunton/Norton/Raynham only):
When you are away from home for long periods during the day, whether for work or fun, this is a great service for both you and your pup!  All dogs need proper exercise and socializing for good physical and mental health.

    Puppies (under 1 year):  Regular visits help maintain your
             pup's housebreaking schedule, and provide socialization
             for a healthy temperment.  For puppies who are undergoing potty 
            training, 2 visits/day is recommended if the puppy is alone 8-10 hrs.
    Adults:  Being left alone for long periods of time can make  
             new problem behaviors develop and old ones worse.  A tired
             dog is a happy dog! 
   Seniors (over 7 years)  Senior dogs often need more
              frequent bathroom breaks than  than younger dogs.

Our dog walking visits include a 30-minute walk & play session, refill of fresh water, treats and smooches!  Return home to find your pet relieved, relaxed, healthier and happy! 

If your pet is new to Rover's Resort dogcare, an orientation visit at your home will be required before starting service.

Rover's Rates: $16* per visit for one dog, $18 per visit for a 2 dog household, defined as a household with 2 pet dogs.  "Guest" dogs will be charged at the regular rate.


When it comes time to leave your pets behind for an important trip, vacation, or an unexpected absence or emergency, Rover's Resort dogcare offers a great alternative to the traditional kennel.

PET SITTING (in Taunton/Norton/Raynham only):
If you have an older dog or cat, or one who is less playful and just more comfy and relaxed at home, we offer convenient pet sitting services in the comfort of your own home. Your pet can have stress-free, individualized attention while you're away, giving you peace of mind that your best friend is in a familiar place and safe hands!

Our 45-minute visit includes an exercise/play session, fresh food/water, oral med administration, rotate lights, bring in mail, and of course, lots of love and attention! 

If your cat or dog is new to Rover's Resort, an orientation visit at your home is required before starting service.

Rover's Rates: $18* per visit for up to a 2-pet household. 
A $3.00 surcharge applies for each additional pet. 


Rover's Resort dogcare offers in-our-home boarding, so your pet can be a member of our family!  Your pet can have fun in several supervised doggie playgroups during the day with other boarders and our resident dogs, and go to sleep tired, satisfied and ready for a good night's rest!   If your pup can go off-leash, we also have trails behind our home for extra sniffing and fun!  Boarding in our home is a great kennel alternative!

Rover's Rates: $25 per night/per pet*

Boarding Information/Requirements:

 We request drop off after 12:00pm on first day of boarding, and pick up by 12:00pm on the last day of boarding (Summer weekend hours are in effect from 5/31/2015 through 9/30/2015: 9-10am and 4-5pm for drop-off/pick-up).

 If drop-off is before 12:00pm or pick up is after 12:00, there is an additional $10.00 daycare charge.  We request that all pick ups are no later than 6:00pm on the last day of boarding.  Exceptions are considered on a case by case basis. 

 We kindly request that drop off and pick up times are pre-arranged.

 Proof of current vaccinations required.

 It's best if you supply your pet's food, so as not to upset the fragile K9 belly, as well as any oral meds and written schedule for both feeding and med administration.

 For safety, all pets are crated for meals and bedtime, so crate training is required.  We have a limited number of crates, first come - first served.  You are more than welcome to bring along your pet's crate, and any other bedding, toys, etc., that you think would make your pet as comfy as possible!

 If your pet is new to Rover's Resort, an orientation visit at Rover's Resort will be required before booking a stay.  We can only take friendly, socialized dogs into our home.


Clicker Training is a humane, non-corrective type of dog training that involves catching your dog doing something right, rather than 'correcting' or punishing the dog for doing what you don't want. Owners are encouraged to begin training as early as possible to avoid the most common problems that develop through lack of training or miscommunication.   Puppies can begin training as early as 6 weeks old.  Clicker training is fast, effective, and easy to fit into your day because training is done for 1-2 minutes at a time, several times per day.   The training time you put in when your puppy is young will serve you well in your life together for years to come.  Basic commands should include a strong recall ('come'), 'stay', 'sit', 'down', 'off' and 'out'(or 'drop').  These can be life saving behaviors.

Free Consultation:
Questions about something your dog is doing? Please call for a free 5 min. consultation! I want you and your dog to live happily and safely together!

Customized Programs: I am happy to customize an effective training program that addresses your pup's needs and fits your busy lifestyle. Please inquire.


Rover's Resort can provide pick-up and drop-off service within 5 miles for a $10.00 charge, each way.  Each additional mile is $1.00.

* There is a surcharge for walks/pet sitting/boarding on the following holidays:
New Year's Day, MLK Day, President's Day, Good Friday, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. 
Walking: $20/visit
Pet Sitting: $21/visit
Boarding on holiday weekends is $30/night.

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